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Country Contest 6
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Semi-final 1 date June 2016
Semi-final 2 date June 2016
Final date June 2016
Venue Paris, France
Number of entries 22
Debuting countries Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Returning countries Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Malta Malta
Flag of Monaco Monaco
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Withdrawing countries Flag of Andorra Andorra
Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Voting system Juries and televote vote for each country to award 1 set of 12, 10, 8-1 points.
Country Contest
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The Country Contest 5 will be the fifth edition of the contest. It was the second country contest to take place after the "big revamp". This edition will feature a new bidding process to determine the host country, as well as allowing countries from the entire world (as 'guests'). This was decided after interest from other countries was found, thus bringing this topic in the meeting. The contest formerly only allowed broadcasters/countries from the CCU, which is mostly consisted of European and a few Eurasian countries, including Israel. The name of the contest led the decision as it should welcome all members, including associate. Each edition, the CCU will invite two special guests into the competition, but in the case that the country wins; the nation will be allowed to defend its title (also bringing the guest count to 3).

Bidding process

Country Contest 6 bidding - Europe (10 majority)
Bidders Votes
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Flag of France France 8 8 8 7
Flag of Ireland Ireland 7 8 7.00 6
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 6 6.25 6.50
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 6 5.75
Flag of Serbia Serbia 5

Note: UK was automatically qualified to the competition on 5 June 2016, but after withdrawing its bid in the last moment (when UK & US were remaining), the country's autoqualification spot was removed, allowing 7 wildcards. UK did not place in the Top 7 of previous edition thus would require to get its spot by wildcards.

Eligible nations

  1. Flag of Albania Albania – Declined
  2. Flag of Andorra Andorra – No comment
  3. Flag of Austria Austria – No comment
  4. Flag of Belarus Belarus – No comment
  5. Flag of Belgium Belgium – No comment (failed to win hosting bid, flop in previous edition)
  6. Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia–Herzegovina – Decided to withdraw due to result failure.
  7. Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria – Confirmed the nations debut.
  8. Flag of Croatia Croatia – No comment
  9. Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic – CT announced that they would likely return in the 7th edition.
  10. Flag of Denmark Denmark – Applauded SVT's decision and confirmed that no participation would be made soon.
  11. Flag of Estonia Estonia – No comment
  12. Flag of Finland Finland – No comment
  13. Flag of France France – (Host country)
  14. Flag of Georgia Georgia – No comment
  15. Flag of Germany Germany – The country decided to remain in the competition due to the high ratings.
  16. Flag of Greece Greece – Confirmed its comeback.
  17. Flag of Hungary Hungary – No comment
  18. Flag of Iceland Iceland – Confirmed its participation after the successful 2nd place.
  19. Flag of Ireland Ireland – RTE confirmed Ireland's comeback to the competition.
  20. Flag of Italy Italy – Confirmed its participation.
  21. Flag of Latvia Latvia – No comment
  22. Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein – Declined due to lack of funding.
  23. Flag of Lithuania Lithuania – No comment
  24. Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg – (Reigning champion)
  25. Flag of Macedonia Macedonia – Announced its withdrawal after failing to qualify.
  26. Flag of Malta Malta – After last appearing in #2, TVM decided to return.
  27. Flag of Moldova Moldova – Moldova announced its 'permanent withdrawal' after failing to qualify last edition.
  28. Flag of Monaco Monaco – The nation decided to return to the contest after last appearing in #1.
  29. Flag of Montenegro Montenegro – Despite a new low result, Montenegro opted to continue participating.
  30. Flag of Netherlands Netherlands – The country confirmed its withdrawal after placing last in #5.
  31. Flag of Norway Norway – NRK declined to participate, stating that 'SVT has finally done the right decision.'
  32. Flag of Poland Poland – TVP declined to participate due to having 'other priorities'.
  33. Flag of Portugal Portugal – The nation has decided to return to the contest after last participating in #2.
  34. Flag of Romania Romania – TVR decided to take a break from the contest due to lack of high results.
  35. Flag of Russia Russia – Despite achieving its worst result, Russia confirmed participation.
  36. Flag of San Marino San Marino – SMRTV decided to continue participating, one of the factors being the high interest in the country.
  37. Flag of Serbia Serbia – Despite not qualifying, Serbia decided to remain in the contest and participate.
  38. Flag of Slovakia Slovakia – After an okay 15th place, the country decided to participate again.
  39. Flag of Slovenia Slovenia – The nation decided to withdraw due to lack of interest and sponsors.
  40. Flag of Spain Spain – TVE confirmed Spain's participation after its successful 6th place and 1st in its respective semi-final.
  41. Flag of Sweden Sweden – For the first time in Sweden's history, SVT decided to withdraw due to its failure to qualify.
  42. Flag of Switzerland Switzerland – SRG SSR confirmed the nations participation after achieving 5th place.
  43. Flag of Ukraine Ukraine – NTU announced that Ukraine would take a break from the contest due to its qualification failure; 'hoping to make a successful return in the future'.
  44. Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom – BBC announced that UK would participate, solely due to the 2nd place in its semi-final. However, ratings did bump up by 1 million since last broadcast.
  45. Flag of Israel Israel – After placing 3rd in the fifth edition, IBA confirmed that Israel would participate.
  46. Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan – Confirmed
  47. Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan – Withdrew due to bad results.
  48. Flag of Morocco Morocco – Confirmed participation after achieving best result last edition.
  49. Flag of Lebanon Lebanon – On 30 June, it was announced that Lebanon's participation was in doubt. It was later confirmed that Lebanon
  50. Flag of Egypt Egypt – Announced no intentions to participate, along with many Arabic countries on 30 June.
  51. Flag of Algeria Algeria – Announced no intentions to participate, along with many Arabic countries on 30 June.
  52. Flag of Jordan Jordan – Announced no intentions to participate, along with many Arabic countries on 30 June.
  53. Flag of Libya Libya – Announced no intentions to participate, along with many Arabic countries on 30 June.
  54. Flag of Tunisia Tunisia – Announced no intentions to participate, along with many Arabic countries on 30 June.
  55. Guest country 1
  56. Guest country 2


Draw Country Place Points
01 Flag of Italy Italy 7 64
02 Flag of Germany Germany 22 16
03 Flag of Morocco Morocco 15 50
04 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 18 34
05 Flag of France France 12 56
06 Flag of Iceland Iceland 5 81
07 Flag of Portugal Portugal 4 88
08 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 14 55
09 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 8 64
10 Flag of Australia Australia 2 93
11 Flag of San Marino San Marino 17 34
12 Flag of Greece Greece 13 55
13 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 20 19
14 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 10 59
15 Flag of Russia Russia 6 75
16 Flag of Monaco Monaco 9 59
17 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro 19 19
18 Flag of Ireland Ireland 16 48
19 Flag of Israel Israel 11 59
20 Flag of Malta Malta 1 135
21 Flag of Spain Spain 3 88
22 Flag of Serbia Serbia 21 17