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Girl Meets World is an American coming of age television sitcom. The series made its debut on Disney Channel on June 27, 2014.

The series is a sequel to the sitcom Boy Meets World, which aired on ABC in its TGIF block from 1993 to 2000. The original series centered on Cory Matthews, including his growing relationship with Topanga Lawrence and their eventual marriage. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, who portrayed Cory and Topanga, reprise their roles in Girl Meets World, which centers on the life of the couple's daughter, Riley Matthews. Her father has become a middle school teacher while her mother is a lawyer who gains part ownership of an old world bakery in "Girl Meets Popular". Other members of the Boy Meets World cast have either recurring roles or cameo appearances. This page lists the episodes in its chronological/production order.

List of episodes

Season 1

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Title Original air date Prod.
1 1 "Girl Meets World" June 27, 2014 101
First episode of the sequel to Boy Meets World, which sees the grown-up Cory and Topanga married with two children. Riley joins a class rebellion to emulate a girl she looks up to - much to her father's dismay.
2 2 "Girl Meets Boy" July 11, 2014 102
In an effort to curb texting in class, Cory gives his students an assignment involving face-to-face communication; by doing this, he inadvertently brings Riley and Lucas closer together.
3 3 "Girl Meets the Truth" August 1, 2014 103
After Cory teaches a lesson on truth, Riley and Maya struggle with whether or not it was right to lie to Farkle and tell him he's a good actor and if Maya should keep the locket she found, even though it doesn't belong to her.
4 4 "Girl Meets Sneak Attack" July 18, 2014 104
Riley becomes jealous when Lucas gets attention from another girl, so she asks Maya and Farkle to teach her how to flirt.
5 5 "Girl Meets Brother" November 28, 2014 105
Cory and Topanga are going out to celebrate their anniversary and decide to let Riley babysit Auggie for the first time. She enlists Maya's help, which leads Auggie to rebel against the girls. Farkle is upset that he is not apart of Riley's story out of school.
6 6 "Girl Meets Father" July 25, 2014 106
Cory struggles with Riley growing up when he learns she'd rather go to the school dance than participate in their yearly tradition of riding the Coney Island roller coaster. Simultaneously, he is dealing with the outcome of giving Maya an "F".
7 7 "Girl Meets Crazy Hat" September 26, 2014 107
Cory struggles with Riley growing up when he learns she'd rather go to the school dance than participate in their yearly tradition of riding the Coney Island roller coaster. Simultaneously, he is dealing with the outcome of giving Maya an "F".
8 8 "Girl Meets World of Terror" October 2, 2014 108
The kids face a trilogy of terror when Riley has a sleepover at Maya's with her grandmother Gammy Hart and pet ferret. Auggie confronts the monster under his bed and Farkle tackles his most terrifying fear yet: playing softball.
9 9 "Girl Meets Friendship" November 21, 2014 109
When Cory teaches his class about various forms of government, Lucas, Riley, and Farkle decide to run against each other for seventh grade class president. However, things quickly get out of hand when a big fight erupts on who should become president.
10 10 "Girl Meets Farkle's Choice" February 6, 2015 110
Farkle has to choose between Riley and Maya as dates to an awards ceremony that he attends annually. At first neither of the two are interested in attending the event, since neither of them like him the way he likes them; but after showing the girls how great of a guy he is, the two end up fighting over who gets to be his date. Meanwhile, Topanga, Cory, and Auggie have a book club with Auggie's girlfriend, Ava.
11 11 "Girl Meets Popular" August 8, 2014 111
Riley is surprised when she gets invited to a party that doesn’t include Maya. However, once she arrives, she soon learns it’s a party filled with unpopular classmates.
12 12 "Girl Meets Maya's Mother" August 15, 2014 112
When Maya's artwork is featured at a school event, Riley sees it as an opportunity to help Maya mend her relationship with her mother. Meanwhile, Cory and Topanga get a surprise visit from their childhood friend, Minkus.
13 13 "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays" December 5, 2014 113
It's Christmas at the Matthews, and Cory's best friend Shawn Hunter, Riley's grandparents, and Uncle Josh are coming over for a holiday dinner. Meanwhile, Topanga works on executing the perfect meal to put her mother-in-law at ease while Shawn sees his likeness in Maya and forms a bond with her and Riley.
14 14 "Girl Meets 1961" September 19, 2014 114
Cory gives the class a living-history assignment that takes the four friends back to New York City in 1961.
15 15 "Girl Meets Game Night" January 9, 2015 115
Cory is excited because it's family game night, which is his favorite night of the month. However, Cory gets upset when he sees that Riley's friends are there and he wants to send them away; but he thinks that by doing so he will be pushing Riley away.
16 16 "Girl Meets Flaws" October 17, 2014 116
When Farkle is picked on by Billy Ross for not fitting in, Riley, Maya and Lucas rally him to show their classmates how to respect each other's differences.
17 17 "Girl Meets the Forgotten" October 10, 2014 117
When the kids are assigned a special lesson on appreciation, Riley and Maya are forced to work in the school cafeteria while Lucas and Farkle are assigned janitorial duty.
18 18 "Girl Meets Smackle" September 12, 2014 118
When Smackle, a debate champion from another school who happens to have a crush on Farkle, realizes that he only sees her as an academic rival, she enlists Maya and Riley to give her a makeover.
19 19 "Girl Meets Fish" July 24, 2015 119
It’s Riley’s turn to take the class fish home for the weekend, but it dies as soon as she gets it. Auggie suspects foul play.
20 20 "Girl Meets First Date" March 27, 2015 120
Lucas asks for Cory’s permission to go on a date with Riley, to which he agrees as long as Maya and Farkle go with them as chaperones. Auggie and Ava get "married".
21 21 "Girl Meets Master Plan" January 16, 2015 121
Maya celebrates her 14th birthday with Riley and Matthew, but is disappointed that her mom may not be able to join them. Meanwhile, Cory and Riley try to set up Maya's mother with Shawn when he visits.

Season 2

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Title Original air date Prod.
22 1 "Girl Meets Gravity" May 11, 2015 201
Season 2 begins with Riley and Maya anxious to begin eighth grade and have a new teacher who isn't Riley's father. Meanwhile Mrs. Svorski ask Topanga to take over at the bakery because she is dying.
23 2 "Girl Meets the Secret of Life" May 13, 2015 202
When Lucas' old friend, Zay, comes to New York, Lucas begins to wonder if New York had really changed him and he starts to keep secrets from Riley.

Season 3

Note: Most episodes in this season are already in production order

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Title Original air date Prod.
52 1 "Girl Meets High School: Part One" June 3, 2016 301
Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle are now freshmen in high school, and quickly learn what it is like to no longer be “kings” of the school.
53 2 "Girl Meets High School: Part Two" June 5, 2016 302
As the group continues to adjust to the rigors of high school, some decide to join sports teams while others participate in academic clubs.