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Indonesia is an associate member in the North Vision Song Contest. TVRI had tried becoming a member for a couple of days before they were awarded their position. This was after they had mailed the North Broadcasting Union.

Despite announcing to the public that they would be additionally broadcasting the pre-qualification round, TVRI announced that there would not be a PQR for the 15th edition. This caused some controversy with Indonesian fans who were expecting to watch the first show soon.

With less then a month till the first semi-final kicks off, TVRI has started plans for the shows. The broadcaster has allocated a maximum time of four hours running time for both semi-finals, while six hours for the grand final. These times are subject to change depending on DR and TVRI's plans.

TVRI published a poll on their site asking if there should be an Indonesian party outside. The results of the poll are expected to be revealed by the end of this week. Auditions for commentators have started. Some fans have asked if they would be broadcasting the so-called "sneak peeks", TVRI replied stating this is not possible.

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North Vision Song Contest 15

Sneak Peeks

It was revealed that TVRI would be participating in the recaps, with the head of delegation, jury and the Indonesian public voting by a poll in their NVSC site. The juries for the sneak peeks are:

  • Anggun - singer-songwriter
  • Rossa - singer
  • Ahmad Dhani - singer-songwriter
  • Rhoma Irama - singer-songwriter

The full results of the juries will not be revealed till the last sneak peek has concluded.

Sneak Peek 1

# Sneak Peek 1 Sneak Peek 2 Sneak Peek 3 Sneak Peek 4 Sneak Peek 5 Sneak Peek 6 Sneak Peek 7
1 Flag of Hungary Hungary Flag of Macedonia Macedonia Flag of Denmark Denmark Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic Flag of Norway Norway Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
2 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Flag of Serbia Serbia Flag of France France Flag of Italy Italy Flag of Germany Germany Flag of Israel Israel Flag of Sweden Sweden
3 Flag of Armenia Armenia Flag of Croatia Croatia Flag of Turkey Turkey Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Flag of Finland Finland Flag of Moldova Moldova
4 Flag of Monaco Monaco Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Flag of Andorra Andorra Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Flag of Greece Greece Flag of Georgia Georgia Flag of Algeria Algeria
5 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Flag of Romania Romania Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Flag of Belarus Belarus Flag of Russia Russia Flag of Belgium Belgium Flag of Ireland Ireland
6 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Flag of Tunisia Tunisia Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Flag of Estonia Estonia Flag of Malta Malta Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Flag of Iceland Iceland
7 Flag of Latvia Latvia Flag of Portugal Portugal Template:Faroe Islands Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia–Herzegovina
  1. Flag of Hungary Hungary
  2. Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
  3. Flag of Armenia Armenia
  4. Flag of Monaco Monaco
  5. Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
  6. Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
  7. Flag of Latvia Latvia

Sneak Peek 2

Sneak Peek 3

Sneak Peek 4


TVRI stated that the juries for the sneak peeks are not definitely for the show, however ever since the petition, which she signed, Anggun has been very interested in the show. The HoD announced that she will "of course", become a jury for the shows. Fans have asked if they would be part of the actual voting, however TVRI stated that this is not possible unless the HoD is able to replace a country's vote. However for the shows, TVRI will be having an unofficial Indonesian vote with juries, public and HoD voting. TVRI will be getting at maximum, 10 juries and have clearly stated that it will be a 50-50 gender split. Juries:

  • Anggun - singer-songwriter

Semi-final 1

Semi-final 2