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Prank Victim ("A")
Real Identity: Unknown
First appearance "One Big Mistake"
Born Unknown (age 18-20)
Rosewood, United States
Aliases "A", "PV"
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
(prior 2010)
Playing the 'A' game
Enemies Alison DiLaurentis
Jessica DiLaurentis

The Prank Victim, also known as A, was one of Alison DiLaurentis' victims of her "pre-freshmen year pranks". Unlike her other victims, the aftermath of this prank caused Alison to flee Rosewood due to the aftermath. By the look of the victim's furious face, Alison became her biggest enemy, whom she almost caught at the scene.


  • Kenneth DiLaurentis (suspected by the Liars till Alison revealed the gender)

Early life

The Prank Victim was born in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, United States in an unknown year. The victim was adopted shortly after being born by unknown parents.


June 2010 prank

On 8 June 2010, Alison DiLaurentis did a prank against the Prank Victim, which was very deadly which caused Alison to flee Rosewood. It is currently unknown what Alison did to the victim, however it was hinted to be life-threatening and/or reputation-threatening.

Investigation of DiLaurentis family

Shorty after the prank, the victim hired a private investigator to start a in-depth investigation on Alison and the DiLaurentis family. This also made her learn several life-changing secrets unbeknownst to Alison and some family members. It was used for blackmail.

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